Порядок направления, рецензирования и опубликования статей (English) Печать E-mail


1. All research papers received in the editorial office of the scientific journal "Discourse-P" are subject to mandatory review by the members of the editorial board. The external reviewers, experts might be involved in reviewing on the subject provided in the article.

2. Review process shall be provided on a no-name basis.

3. Review is free of charge.

4. The fee to the authors for publication will not be charged. Royalties for the publication of articles are not paid.

5. Authors of materials bear the full responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained therein and for conformity of materials to law, morals and ethics.

6. Editorial board does not allow the publication of materials, the content of which is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The editors do not allow posting links to pages that violate the laws of the Russian Federation in the journal.

7. Articles which do not meet the requirements for the articles provided by the editors of the scientific journal "Discourse-P" will not be accepted for reviewing and editing.

8. Reviewers must be experts on the subject and have publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles during the last 3 years.

9. The decision to publish the materials sent to the journal is made within 3 months from the date of registration of the manuscript in the editorial office.

10. If there is a need to finalize the text, copies of the reviews are sent to the author without identifying the reviewers. If the reviewer points out that the revised article should be the subject of additional review, the finalized text of the article is sent for re-review.

11. Authors of rejected articles are sent a copy of these reviews or a reasoned refusal to accept materials for publication within 7 days after the reviews.

12. Manuscripts and other materials, received to editorial office, will not be returned.

13. Articles checked for plagiarism using the "Antiplagiat" system.

14. Introducing the manuscript to the editors, the author undertakes the duty not to publish it, in whole or partly in any other journal without the consent of the publisher before the publication of the manuscript in the scientific journal "Discourse-P".

15. All reviews and articles received for publication in the "Discourse-P" are to be stored in the editorial office for 5 years.

16. By the request of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation the editorial board shall send to the Ministry copies of reviews as required.

17. The review should be prepared in accordance with the Annex №1


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